Innovation on the edge

A new flyover at the Kerensheide junction, which offers a direct connection between the A2 and A76, was completed in the autumn of 2012. This is a fine example of our workmanship, which Van den Bersselaar designed, fabricated and installed for Heijmans.

The stainless steel edging elements cover two 600-metre lengths and are an attractive alternative to the usual concrete edging elements. This lightweight system now has a name: Dutch Edge. Dutch Edge consists of prefabricated stainless steel panels mounted on a galvanized steel frame, which is then fitted to the viaduct, bridge or flyover. Pipelines and cables are safely installed in the frame and are easily accessible, eliminating the need to place them in conduits in the concrete. This results in easier maintenance. The system is not only more practical but looks better too: imperfections in the concrete are measured and factory-corrected down to the last millimetre, resulting in a smooth silhouette.

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Easy installation, efficient logistics

Dutch Edge is installed using a special installation vehicle developed by Van den Bersselaar. The installation vehicle makes it possible to install the panels during the daytime, as we did at Kerensheide, without affecting traffic. This avoids road closures and the additional costs associated with night work. The installation of Dutch Edge can take place at the same time as other construction work, thus avoiding further delays.

Lightweight and low maintenance

Dutch Edge is also relatively lightweight, reducing the load on viaducts, bridges or flyovers. Moreover, the system is lightweight and sustainable: all materials are 100% recyclable. If desired, the system can incorporate matrix information, LED lighting or solar panels. We can use different types of material (brushed stainless steel, coated steel, coated or anodised aluminium) or patterns in the sheeting. Any damaged sheeting is easily replaced.

Dutch Edge has many advantages:

  • A modern, futuristic and sleek design
  • Imperfections in the concrete are measured and factory-corrected, ensuring a ‘smooth’ viaduct line/silhouette
  • Option for LED lighting and/or solar panels
  • A choice of various materials, prints or patterns in the sheeting
  • Complete prefabrication in the factory
  • Fast assembly on site through anchor rails and simple logistics
  • It is possible to install the system straight after pouring the concrete
  • The special installation vehicle makes it possible to work safely above moving traffic
  • This results in savings on road closures and night work
  • Easily replaced when damaged
  • The empty space behind the panels can be used for pipelines and cables, which eliminates the need to incorporate them in the concrete and makes them easily accessible
  • Sustainable construction that is fully recyclable (cradle-to-cradle)
  • Can also serve as a railing
  • A choice of various materials: Brushed stainless steel, coated steel, coated or anodised aluminium.
  • The system is also applicable to existing works of art Documents :