Why does Bersselaar Construction exist?

We work with a passion for Metal, Constructions and Technology. With the mindset of a winner we strive for the highest goal possible. Expressed in the appreciation from our customers and expressed in the pleasure of working at Bersselaar Construction.

Together we build a memorable future, inspired by a remarkable past and driven by the pride of our family business.


How do we do this?

With passion and craftsmanship, everyone at Bersselaar Construction makes his or her contribution to the ultimate result for the customer. By continuously improving, we keep challenging ourselves to improve margins and added value for the customer. Every colleague contributes to this by raising the bar a little higher every day.

“You go faster on your own, you go further together”

With a customer-oriented vision we strive to achieve a profound relationship with our best craftsmen and with the most beautiful customers.

Besides the personal development in craftsmanship an informal, accessible and open working atmosphere is an important precondition for getting the best out of our people.Work hard smart, have fun and build the future.


What are we doing?

We engineer, construct and assemble the most extraordinary metal constructions.