The ramp runs in a spiral shape from bottom to top, which gives it the contours of an apple. The centre has nine steel columns, the ‘core’, which forms the main supporting structure of this 27.5 m wide and 15.5 m tall apple with a network of bars and nodes on the outside of the cycle parking facility. The ramp makes 3.5 rotations. Both sides of the walkways have special steel bicycle stands. Two steel stairs in the ‘core’ ascend against the rotational direction of the ramp, creating a play between traffic flows. The outer skin of the apple is transparent and covered with mesh with ‘woven’ patterns.


Winner National Steel Award 2012



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Jos van den Bersselaar Construction BV is an independent steel construction company. We specialise in light constructions for numerous applications and with a high level of finishing. For 58 years, we have delivered products, such as stairs, balustrades, canopies, sound barriers and bridge railings, to clients in the infrastructure and utilities sectors, industry and waste water.

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