The new Midden-Brabantweg as ‘dream road’ 

“The Province of North Brabant has taken the initiative to improve the N261 and introduce overpass junctions. The idea is to turn the Midden-Brabantweg into a ‘dream road’. A road with its own unique identity that people will remember. This identity must fit in with the ‘dream area’ surrounding the road. Works of art will give the road a unique character.” Architect/designer Gert-Jan de Jong from Arc2 Architects thinks that there are already too many functional and therefore boring objects in the world. He is responsible for the design and image quality of the new Midden-Brabantweg, also known as the Eftelingweg.  He aims to create a ‘Dream Port Lane’. The road layout between Waalwijk en Tilburg should appeal to activities such as visiting Efteling, leisure, logistical companies and to a company such as Piet Klerkx. It should reflect what De Jong calls a ‘dream area’. He designed artworks for the various junctions along the Midden-Brabantweg. The first work of art, two huge, stainless steel arches, can be seen on the viaduct near Kaatsheuvel. Coloured LED lights produce a special effect. Clouds made from stainless steel tubing have been fitted in the tunnels, as well as a 21-metre-tall stainless steel spire on the roundabout at Waalwijk.



Contract value

€ 2,400,000

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