The N279 between ‘s-Hertogenbosch en Veghel was widened by 2×2 lanes in 2015-2016, during which five flyovers were constructed. The N279 used to be a single carriageway with a number of traffic lights.  As a separate project, De Nijvelaar bridge was built, due to the construction of the Máximakanaal. The A2 intersections at ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the A50 intersections at Veghel have been widened but have not been expanded as junctions. The N279 was designed as a motorway with a maximum speed  of 100 km/h. The aim was to not make the road too attractive as an option for through traffic to the A67 and for this reason the maximum speed was initially set at 80 km/h.

Van den Bersselaar supplied and fitted viaduct railings and steel frames, as well as two bicycle bridges.



Contract value

€ 1,333,000

Smart Steel Solutions!

Jos van den Bersselaar Construction BV is an independent steel construction company. We specialise in light constructions for numerous applications and with a high level of finishing. For 58 years, we have delivered products, such as stairs, balustrades, canopies, sound barriers and bridge railings, to clients in the infrastructure and utilities sectors, industry and waste water.

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