Commissioned by the Water Board of Schieland and Krimpenerwaard, Bersselaar Construction replaced all covers of the pre-settling tanks.

The old covers were made of GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and became brittle over time was showing cracks. This resulted in unsafe conditions with the danger of falling through. Furthermore it resulted in bad smells. As we have said for years, the lifespan of plastic in these hard conditions is much shorter than that of Aluminium.

Fortunately, the customer now opted for high-quality Aluminium diamond plates of 5/6.5 mm thick placed in sheet pile profile. Bersselaar Construction has disassembled the old GRP covers and disposed them at a specialist company where they are 100% recycled. After this, the new covers were mounted on 8 streets of approximately 7 x 41 meters.

Each street contains two hatches of 28 m2 (7 x 4 meters) each which can be put on wheels by using a smart lever mechanism and can thus be easily rolled open. In the opening there are mounting points where a removable handrail can be placed for safety.



October 2019
January 2020

Contract value

€ 458,000.-

Smart Steel Solutions!

Jos van den Bersselaar Construction BV is an independent steel construction company. We specialise in light constructions for numerous applications and with a high level of finishing. For 58 years, we have delivered products, such as stairs, balustrades, canopies, sound barriers and bridge railings, to clients in the infrastructure and utilities sectors, industry and waste water.

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