In October 2019, the largest Dutch Nereda treatment plant opened in Utrecht. The 14 old settling tanks have been replaced by 6 compact Nereda reactors, which can purify more water with less energy and space. The result is cleaner water and less spread of unpleasant odors.

A Nereda system purifies water with bacteria in the form of sludge granules. These granules separate sewage sludge from clean water, after which the sludge granules sinks to the bottom of the tank and can be collected there. This new technology is desperately needed because waste water is increasingly polluted by, for example, medicine residues, pesticides from agriculture work and other non-degradable substances.

For Bersselaar Constructie, the construction of this WWTP was a great opportunity to show our customers once again why we are the all time specialists in purification. We have been active in water treatment since 1970 and we build everything from tank covers and platforms to internals and piping.

We are also responsible for these components at WWTP Utrecht.




Contract value

€ 5,910,000

Smart Steel Solutions!

Jos van den Bersselaar Construction BV is an independent steel construction company. We specialise in light constructions for numerous applications and with a high level of finishing. For 58 years, we have delivered products, such as stairs, balustrades, canopies, sound barriers and bridge railings, to clients in the infrastructure and utilities sectors, industry and waste water.

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